McArthurs Pub Lenzburg

Our modern age Celtic theme pub is situated in the heart of the Old Town of Lenzburg a short walk from the train station.

We offer a selection of home-made dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options served all day long. Don’t miss our Burger Night and Wing Specials.


An extensive selection of international draught beers, Scottish Malt whiskies and Coffee specialties. Try a beer from our very own craft beer selection.

Live Sport This Week

We show all major sporting events, see our upcoming sporting fixtures for more information. Send us a request if your fixture is not listed.

Live International Football
October 15

Switzerland v Ireland 20:45

Live Sport
October 19


New Zealand v Ireland 12:15


Everton v West Ham 13:30

Bundesliga Konferenz 15:30

Chelsea v Newcastle 16:00

Crystal Palace v Man City 18:30

Dortmund v Mönchengladbach 18:30

Basel v Thun 19:00

Live Football
October 20


Man United v Liverpool 17:30

Live Football
October 21

Sheffield United v Arsenal 21:00

Events at McArthurs

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Check Out Our Google Reviews

Extremely good lemon cutting service, especially Irish bartender Dave is a great lemon cutter
bart van der haegen
23:48 03 Nov 18
Very authentic irish pub with a big selection of beer and delicious food. Nice atmosphere, located in the heart of Lenzburg next to the old town wall.
Denis Simonet
21:13 31 Jul 18
always a great day or night out.
Andrew Whitefield
14:50 10 Jul 18
Nice staff and good food+drinks
Killian Keller
05:51 16 Jun 18
Great pub, great Bartenders and great service, great beer (even Guinness and a house beer), great and delicious foot! Actually quite high quality food. My favourite pub in the swiss Midlands!
07:58 07 Jan 18
Faboulous Place, nice people, good pub food ... try the curries, the paninis or the nuggets with spicy BBQ Sauce ... All are a real treat.
Markus Russ
13:40 30 Nov 18
My favorite pub in Lenzburg... Always good beer and good mood.
Demeter Jurista
14:19 06 Dec 18
Super! Excellent Curry!
Urs Rimle
14:05 15 Jan 19
Irish pub in Switzerland. Great location, beer selection and atmosphere. Couldn't ask for more.
Maharsi Bodhi
15:25 12 Feb 19
Nice pub with nice pub food
Titus Tischer
08:19 16 Feb 19
Great pub . Good selection of beers. Excellent food. Great for sports.
Ian Wilson
21:04 22 Apr 19
Food was lovely and the service was good. Recreated a great pub atmosphere in another country !
sara reid
08:47 17 May 19
Awesome food and great service
Adrian Hotzenplotz
19:30 26 Jun 19
This is my favourite place to have some beers with friends in Lenzburg! Very cool place, reasonable prices, great food and the atmosphere is fantastic!
Yon Berry
16:42 12 Jul 19
Every Tuesday from 5 pm happy hour
Francisco Pereira
03:38 23 Aug 19
Friendly, clean, the beer was cold, the food was delicious and the service was excellent!
Jessika McCoy
13:54 08 Aug 19
Every Tuesday from 5 pm happy hour
Francisco Pereira
03:38 23 Aug 19
Can‘t wait for the next Rugby game. Beer & Food is also always yammi! c u
Cyrill Nussbaum
14:10 29 Sep 19
Very good foor and the staff is always nice. As usual!
Obi Wan
13:28 29 Sep 19
Best pub you can find in Switzerland. Foodwise, drinkwise, staffwise. But you have to experience it yourself!
Sharina Frey
21:44 01 Oct 19